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I really wanted to make an articulated Wolf Skull mask. (Because you know, I don't have enough crazy time-consuming projects going... ;)) I love making masks, but I hadn't tried to make anything quite like this before. Started by making a clay sculpt of an enlarged wolf skull and then did a relief cast in a concoction of my own devising that I'm calling "FlexiResin". (I've been messing with mixing different resins and plastics)
I like how it's looking so far. What do you all think??

Head Eye Bone Human body Extinction

Getting the articulated jaw to work how I wanted took a lot of trial and error, but I finally got it to where I want it. I love how it makes a sharp snapping sound when I snap at people. Gonna freak some people out!

Head Eyelash Jaw Wood Picture frame

I made some giant antlers, (progress shown below) but I think I'm going to ditch them and swap them out for some smaller antlers or horns. (Possibly ram horns or ibex, I haven't decided) The big antlers look cool, but they are kind of heavy and make going through doors a right pain in the a$$. I have LED lights for the eyes, but I realized with the FlexiResin that the whole mask is sort of opaque/translucent and so I could actually light the whole mask up. I tried it with a variety of LED lights and some flickering flame candles. I can't decide which would look cooler. Open to suggestions here. Should I just light the eyes, or should I have the whole skull lit up?? Which would look freakier? I've got a smoke effect from a modified vape pen that comes out of the mouth and some wicked wolf monster sound effects that I can trigger with my iphone. And I think when it's not being worn as a costume, it could make a pretty cool head for a prop. (Especially, if I can figure out how to trigger the jaws remotely)

Eye Extinction Human body Jaw Bone

Here's a very crappy picture of the mask lit up with flickering flame candles. Would love some feedback from you guys! Thanks!! :devilish:

Flame Fire Amber Heat Gas
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