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Demon Dog

I picked up this skeleton dog at Costco for $16.99.

This cute little puppy caught my eye at Costco

It was love at first site
Skeleton Terrestrial animal Jaw Extinction Bone

Fictional character Sculpture Skull Action figure Machine

The price was right and I thought it would make a great addition as a watch dog for my yard cemetery decorations.

This is just a very quick and simple tutorial but I wanted to share it with you.

Supplies needed:

Skeleton Dog from Costco

Plastic Chain from Lowes or Home Depot about 12″ or so

2-3/4″ adapter PVC

Your favorite craft glue. Hot melt glue would probably work best

self hardening clay, or a baking clay like Sculpey would work best

Acrylic Paint: Yellow Ochre, Dark Red, Burnt Orange

Sponge or Sponge Brush

Antiquing stain

Brown or Rust color spray paint

Saw and Wire Clippers

Marker pen such as a Sharpie

Drill and 1/4″ drill bit

I wanted to add an old metal dog collar for that extra touch. So I took about a foot of plastic chain and clipped one of the links a little more than half way.

I used a 2-3/4″ PVC adapter and cut 1″ off of it.
Flowerpot Cylinder Cup Pipe Cup

I always have this chain and these adapters in my shop because I use them for making dungeon shackles and Halloween Garland. (another tutorial coming soon.) Fashion accessory

Finger Nail Hand

I cut the PVC as shown to allow me to spread the collar around the dogs neck.
Tire Automotive tire Wheel Water Automotive wheel system

With your Sharpie pen, mark on each side of your cut on the collar the span between where your clipped chain link will fit in. This is the link to hold your chain to the collar. Drill two holes where you marked it with the 1/4″ drill bit.
Technology Electronic device Material property Hand Finger

Bumper Auto part Fashion accessory Metal

Play with the cut chain link in getting it to fit nicely into the holes and then set aside.

Using your clay, make around 7 small balls the same size for the studs on the collar. Pinch them into shape on the collar and when done, take them off and depending on the clay, air dry or bake according to instructions.
Cup Tableware Cat Hand Serveware

With your Sharpie pen, mark around the collar where you want the studs placed and glue the hardened studs into place.
Hand Finger

Now take the chain and collar and spray paint them Brown or Rust Color.
Auto part Metal Chain

With your sponge and Yellow Ochre paint, lightly brush your entire dog. Use very little paint on your sponge. You are basically dry brushing the bones just to add some color highlights.

Using same method paint blood where you desire. I wanted it to look like he had just devoured one of his victims. Most likely a Trick-or-Treater that ventured too far into the cemetery.
Skeleton Snout Jaw Fawn Canidae

Skeleton Mantis shrimp Jaw

After the paint has dried, Antique entire dog with a dark brown Antiquing Stain.

Carefully Spread the collar and slip it around the Dogs neck. It won’t pull apart very easily, but it only needs to spread a little more than a 1/4″ to work it around the neck bone. While doing this a few of the studs might pop off. This is normal because of the flexing of the PVC. Just glue them back on after the collar is in place.

Take the clipped link, hook it to the rest of the chain and glue it in place, pressing the two ends into the two drilled holes. Now dry brush the collar and chain with Burnt Orange Acrylic paint to highlight it and cover any chips or glue marks caused by getting the collar around the neck.

Sculpture Carving Art Snout Horn

There you have it. A Demon Dog that has broken loose from his chains of Hell and running wild in your cemetery haunt!
Skeleton Extinction Sculpture Dinosaur Animal figure

Sculpture Fictional character Action figure Demon Jaw

So Loveable. Makes you want to reach out and pet him!

Happy Halloween!
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