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Delighted to be here!

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I stumbled across this Forum as I was planning and prepping for this year's Halloween party. What a surprise! I never even gave it a thought that there would be a site for Halloween enthusiasts and I am very pleased I came across it. I have been doing my part for year's to keep Wisconsin as haunted as I can each Halloween (as well as some of our more noted serial killers). I see there is an incredible amount of input from everyone on all sorts of topics regarding Halloween and I hope I will be able to contribute something in the future. I already have learned some new haunting techniques and tips the first time I began exploring the forum. Happy Halloween, 365!
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Lord of the Cemetery
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Greetings Hallowzeve.
Glad you found your way here.
I agree, Wisconsin does produce a very good line in serial killers. And creepy people.

I was friendly with a nurse from Madison county some years ago, who would phone me at 3 in the morning UK time, because she missed hearing my English accent...:confused:

Welcome to the forum.

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