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Decorating Question, RE: Museum Wax

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Has anyone ever tried using this stuff?

Here's my dilemma... I moved into a new place in March. In my previous place part of my display (as you can see in my avatar) is Pinhead from Hellraiser with real chains hanging off of plant hooks.

When I moved out of the last place I patched all of that up but it didn't look the best and I sort of want to avoid that if possible. I thought about those 3M adhesive hooks but they don't really make them to hang off the ceiling and the available hooks seem as if they would be too thick to hang chains from.

My next thought was to get Museum Wax which is supposed to be like a much stronger version of sticky tack, create a base, put the hook into it and then affix it to the ceiling. Then hope and pray it can handle the weight of a 2 lb. dangling chain.

I have to admit I have zero experience with museum wax so I was curious if any of you have used it when decorating for one reason or another? If so, is it reasonable to think this could work for this circumstance?

Thanks everyone!

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I doubt the museum wax will work, its not made to hold from a vertical surface. There are some 3M hooks that will pivot down so that you can hang chains from them and they are fairly thin. I would be happy to check them out tomorrow at work and give you the product numbers.
I'm assuming, of course, that you do not have textured (popcorn) ceilings?
Doesn't museum wax melt? Like all those horror movies? Anyhow just a thought! ;P

Depending on the area, maybe you could build some temperorary structure to hang from? I would worry that anything you are going to use to hang from the ceiling is going to leave some form of damage behind.
I use screw in cup holders for my ceiling hangings. Yes, they leave a hole but it's much smaller and almost unnoticable compared to those darn plant hooks. They come in various sizes and are pretty strong. I drill a small hole before screwing them in, it makes it easy to start them and keeps them straighter. A little dot of spackle and a spot of paint more than covers the hole.
I'm assuming, of course, that you do not have textured (popcorn) ceilings?
No popcorn ceilings to worry about here. I appreciate the info...

Sorry this took so long. The 3m command swivel hook part#is 17067 and comes in 3 & 9 packs. They can accomodate your chain, but each one is rated for only 1/2lb. Home Depot's sku# is 541454 if you want to take a look at it on homedepot.com
If you have any kind of weight, using adhesives can get dicey.

I concur with using the smallest acceptable screw hooks. Perhaps you can improve your wall/ceiling patching skills with a Time-Life book? Spackle works if you have small enough holes to fill, but you'll need plaster and matching touch-up paint for larger holes. Also be sure to use a "stud finder" so that you don't end up with extra holes (that missed studs and are therefore useless.)
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