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Decided to take my hobby up a notch

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Hey Everyone,

I am Erik from Rogue Robotics, the makers of the uMP3 sound units sometimes used by various haunts.

I am a long time haunter and my brother and I have decided get more actively involved in the halloween scene since we have always loved it.

Working on some new props for our annual haunt at my house....this year it is the Pirates of Chippenham Lane...Arggh. Heh.

Love to hear from anyone on any subject.

88 days to Halloween 2009. I have my wall countdown clock up and running since 99 days...yes, electronics geeks...but I guess that is good!
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Lord of the Cemetery
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greetings Roguehaunter.

Great to know you have decided to become more involved in the Halloween scene.:)

I would love to chat to you on your specialist subject, however I am to electronics what Picasso was to bricklaying. :confused:
Plenty of "Tech-heads" on the forum, though.

Welcome to the forum.

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