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December 15th... WOW!!!

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She was here at Ravens Grin when she was 7 yrs. old, loved it! Tonight at 21 yrs. old she brought three guys along and none of them had ever been here. They were all a great audience and Very complimentary!
She could not believe all the "New" things here since her last visit! (That is what I do! Make new things !)
The one young man made an incredible sound expressing total fear and excitement and it was being recorded.. it may find it's way to my answering machine?
It was So Impressive in volume and in duration? No "Woman-voice" from him! No, not at all! (Great!)
I later wished I had some way of recording what was going on in the first (Front) room as I made it very dark for them and subtle random sounds began emerging from the pitch-black darkness.. and what they were reacting to costs me.... nothing! (But I couldn't do it barefoot)
In the Winter I have so much freedom to run the house tour however the patron wants it to be. They all got a very thorough tour, they were inside the house for three hours. 7pm to 10
Admission is $15.oo
They were all very enthusiastic at the Exit, each and all saying they will be returning , bringing friends!
It just can't get any better!
"I bet that you have funny thoughts all day long, don't you." She said.
"Yes I usually do, and I found Myself thinking that same thing earlier today!" (And I was !)
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The price of a gal. of gas is at an all-time low, right now. $2.49 here $2.23 in Iowa. If you are driving that is. The Ravens Grin Inn only minutes from anywhere! ... If you drive FAST! Although the super-high octane gas to help out run the Police will cost more.
There have been some forum member come see Ravens Grin , they happened to be around this part of the world on business and took the time to swing by.
We are in the Northwest corner of Illinois. 10 miles from the Mississippi River, 40 miles from Wisconsin, 120 miles due West of Chicago on Rt. 64(North Avenue)

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Here in Oklahoma gas is down to $1.90. I guess it helps to grow your own. I want to swing by your place next time I'm in Iowa. I'm from just over in Dubuque. I think that's only about 30-40 minutes from you. You won't scare me too bad will you? I'm a pretty big chicken. lol
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