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One night at the conclusion of a tour here for a group from Trans world, everyone (myself included) were marveling at how incredible the fog in my parking lot looked!
I then noticed it was very thick and stopped abruptly at about a height of seven feet?
Then I later discovered that a former employee of mine had gotten into the house and turned MY FOG MACHINE "On"!
The fog machine was "protected" from people and the weather by my placing it inside of the old Hudson car body in my side yard so I never saw it actually working. The switch for it could be reached from inside my exit tunnel.
It sure looked real nice, and good-- by a gallon of fog juice. (The former employee later was arrested for other numerous things not concerning my house or business) Theft from an apartment a block away and choosing a very young "Partner" whose Mother had hired him to help them move into town into his parents former house... well, it usta be His bedroom.... loser...
About the time my Foggers all"Died" I noticed my throat had become sensitive to the fog, i couldn't take any of it anymore without choking.
No fog here anymore... unless nature makes it.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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