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This was I think the best Halloween EVER! Despite some technical difficulties in the beginning of the night. It was a great time.

180 ToTs. So many Pictures of my haunt taken (I must be on quite a few Strangers FB pages right now). For the first time in my haunt history I was getting asked to take pictures with people! I am sure there is Video out there that have me being a fool. But this fool had fun. I swear I couldn't get a break LOL when I left to fix the Audio I could hear people asking " Hey where did Beetlejuice go. Tell him to come back!" There was phone calls being made and one group hung out for almost 15 minutes maybe more.

I wasn't even trying to get scares but I got a few in. Kids making me laugh when they didn't want to walk past the Other Mother Props.

Best one of the night. Kid actually started running backwards away from the haunt. It was as if he felt that turning around was going to waste his time.

Second one: Kid wearing a turkey tray on his back. Got candy, we saw the tray and where like hold up what are you supposed to be. He looks down and said a Koopa I made it myself. We were like "NO Way!" Momma said yup he did. We said "Well in that case of awesomeness you get this!" (hand him a supersize Hersey bar) Kid smiled so big I thought his ears would fall into his mouth.

My daughter's friends helped out here and there and seemed to have a great time.

This is going to be hard to beat.


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