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Hi everyone!
Ok so since halloween's nearing pretty fast, I think i have an idea that may suit some of you Zombie fans nicely!
So, here's the scenario...

You are hosting a party at a house. (AKA "The Dead House". You'll find out in a minute why it's called that.) Now, this house isn't your ordinary house. It's a house full of zombies (so to speak). But here's the catch: Not all the Zombies are human. In fact, the very ground which you are hosting the party has been resurrected from the grave itself, and has taken a mind of it's own, probably due to some dark practices somewhere in the house itself...or maybe, somewhere nearby...
Now, you may be thinking, "How could this be portrayed? It seem's impossible!" Well, it's elementary, my dear! :D
The first are the party streamers. But these are not your ordinary party streamers...they are "Intestine Streamers"! These special streamers are handmade and resemble human intestines hanging from the ceiling! Spooky huh?
The second is one of my favorite mechanisms to make the house seem...alive...Drumroll please!
"Pulsating House Tumors". These mechanisms are made out of a simple vacuum and a latex "skin-bulge" that when the vacuum blows air into it, it expands. When the vacuum sucks, it shrinks. (This is just a not entirely brainstormed idea, so i have no clue if this will work or not...but it sounds impressive huh?)
The third on my list of things is the room where the house was resurrected: "The GateRoom". Now, this is an idea that i just came up with, but here's the highlights of this room:
The room looks perfectly normal to the naked eye. That is...until you turn out the lights. Once the power goes out, the room itself reveals it's dark secret: Glowing runes, symbols, and sigils plaster the floor, writing that seems crazy and insane are smeared across the walls, and then there's the highlight of the glowing mess: The Gateway. This looks like an actual portal to the Realm of the Dead, and can be enhanced with a hidden projector shining a swirling entity in the portal's boundaries, as if it really is a portal to the Dead. There could also be an altar of some sort in the room as well, as if the person who lived there used it to offer a sacrifice to open the portal to the horrors of what lies beyond life. This, however, is recommended to be an actual prop, so be sure to save up for a fake one. :)
For the food, here's a goodie you can serve! Cooked red peppers. (These actually look like raw meat when you are finished; Perfect for any zombie themed party!). You could also serve some other halloween treats that can enhance your party, but this is just one suggestion to keep in mind. :)
Also, for the inside of the house, you can make the house have an eerie red hue to the lighting, giving it a "inside the body" kind of look. (You know, since the house is undead and all.)
For the games, you can have a classic hide and go seek game. Except here's the catch: It's Zombies VS Survivors. Here's how it works: The Humans hide with Airsoft guns, and wait for the zombies to spot them. Then, they open fire on them. The zombies will wear some form of protection on the head and body, of course, to prevent injury. Because of this, this type of game isn't recommended for younger age groups. You could also have the survivors wear hazmat suits, gas masks, and swat, army, or police outfits to enhance the atmosphere of your game (Then again, you could always modify the costumes to be fitting for a zombie. It is, afterall, the Zombie Apocolypse in this type of game. :) )
Another cool game idea is "Pin the Arm/Leg/Head on the Zombie". It's like "Pin the Tail on the Donkey", but it's a Zombie poster and the "pinning" is with a Head/Arm/Leg of the zombie.

Well, that's the idea that I have for your next party idea! So hopefully you liked this idea as much as I liked making it for you all!
Feel free to give suggestions to make this idea more awesome!
And as always: Have a fun and safe Halloween. (When it comes around, i mean. :) )
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