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Greetings all!!!I just want to give you all a heads up that I'm going to be putting my pristine Dead Eye Drake up on Ebay sometimes over the weekend.But I want to give my fellow Halloween Forum members a head start by giving you the inside information.I've seen this guy go for 200.....and I've seen him go for 600.I wouldn't even know what I'd ask if I had to come up with a fixed price.But this is the plan.I'm going to start the bidding at 99.00......and put a reserve price on him of somewhere between 300 and 375.Shipping will probably be a worst case scenario....between NY and California of probably 90 or so.I know I'm on the high end....and it's not that I'm greedy!!LOL!I think this will my last haunt in this house...and wanting to go out with a bang...I spent a TON of money already this year.So I decided to sell off some of my older,little used stuff to pay for all the new stuff.As I said....my reserve might be on the high end...but I do know how rare he is....and I also know he's a very coveted piece.Mine is perfect.He was NEVER used in my haunt at all,as I've never done a pirate theme,and probably never will,hence,my decision to sell him.The only time I really had him on display and plugged in was last year.I do three Halloween villages every year,and last year one of them was a pirate scene with all the Lemax pirate stuff.Dead Eye was standing next to the village,and was only plugged in on Halloween night.He truly is in perfect shape,and yes,I do have the original box.I gave you all this information,because if any of you are truly and seriously interested...you can PM me an offer,keeping in mind what my reserve is going to be.I WILL take into consideration what I'd save by not having to pay Ebay fees.I have no pics right now,but I'm going to pull him out later tonight,and take some pics in preparation for the ebay ad.If you're interested and Email me,I'll send you some pics.If you'd just like to follow the auction.....well just type Dead Eye Drake in the search box,and you can do just that.Again....if he's not sold...you can probably see the post on Ebay sometime Saturday!!!Any questions....feel free to PM me!!Thanks!!!!!!!!!!
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