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So for this year I am making a twisted fairy tales haunted house. Seeing what stores are putting out their Halloween decor out I bumped into Dollar Tree. I made 4 Dead Fairies with supplies I found here.

Dollar Tree
1 "16 Skeleton= $1
1 Pair Of Kids Wings= $1
1 Creepy Cloth= $1 (Which could be used to make multiple fairies)
1 Fake Hair= $1 (Which also could be used to make multiple fairies

1 Can Of Black Spray Paint= $1 (Which was used for all 4 pair of wings)

I Had Already
Other Supplies:
Hot Glue Gun
Black Sharpie
Color Jewels For Eyes (Optional)

In Total of making this 4 Fairies I spent $11. Each Fairy is about 2 feet & cost about $2.50 to make 1. They are super easy to make, very cheap, and they look great! I still have left over hair and creepy cloth to make more. Let me know if your interested in a How To Video and I will upload one. :D

Any feedback is appreciated! THANKS!


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Good job! I love simple, cheap projects like this.

I did something very similar with a larger skeleton that I had.

If I could find my digital camera (DH has it somewhere), I'd take a pic.
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