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Hi from Oregon.

I've lurked for probably 5 years, since before my horizons extended from inside/porch to ever expanding cemetary. Y'all turned me on to YouTube prop build tutorials that opened up so many possibilities and gave me SO many ideas, like the oogly pumpkin (h/t Stiltbeast Studios tutorial) and faux fire down there ?? (And an inferiority complex, but that's another story.) After reading thousands upon thousands of posts, I have a question.

How many of you would keep growing your displays if you hadn't had -not one- TOT in 30 years and your house couldn't be seen from the road? Asking because I'm getting old, and seriously thinking about just leveling out. The only one I'd disappoint by not changing it up every year is the mail lady, but then again she's getting long in the tooth too and those 'March to September Haunt Supplies' packages are wearing us both out. :eek:


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Welcome to the forum!;)
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