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DAZL® release 1.1.8 implements Open Sound Control (OSC) protocol compatibility for all editions of DAZL, which includes:
  • A new interface (OSC In) providing OSC data input
  • A new interface (OSC Out) providing OSC data output
  • The ability to send OSC control commands to compatible devices/software
  • The Event Messaging feature now works with OSC data input
We wanted to provide a level of OSC compatibility, especially as relates to show animation and control. This update is useful for integrating phone and tablet touch screen apps with DAZL, as well as for controlling OSC-compatible devices/software.

This release came about because someone was interested in using DAZL with a product they had already purchased, which required OSC. We pride ourselves on reacting quickly to add features that people actually need. Do you have a particular show automation/control need? Run it by us. Perhaps we can help.

NOTE: OSC control of the DAZL runtime will be added in a future release, for DAZL Plus and Pro users.

DAZL Home Edition starts at a very reasonable $99.99.

Check us out at miserybay-software.com to discover why DAZL is perfect for amateur haunts, pro attractions, escape rooms, holiday light shows, animatronics, staged effects, and museum/technical art installations.
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