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Hey Shockwave,

Looks fantastic in the day, I can't wait until you post the night video, as I could only imagine what it looks like at night. As I kind of figured your display is much larger than mine. I can 'feel' the exhaustion in your voice. I went through the same thing. Even though my display is much smaller, with only three main attractions...each of those attractions are pretty large. Also there is what you don't see as the Singing Pumpkins and Magic Mirror both have a full computer system hooked up to them. Needless to say it was exhausting to set up as well. And then on the dry run day, I had to go back and do some 'weatherproofing' with some of the items. But like yourself, there was just so much more I wanted to put out. If you notice on my post I didn't have anything on my new fences...they were blah. I wanted to put some spider webbing on the fence where the Jumping spider was. I wanted to put some string lights on the fences. It JUST didn't happen. In the end I was just happy the way things turned out.

Hopefully things turned out well for you as well last night.

Following your walkthrough on your display it looks like you put the scarier items near the doorway, looks like you are going to scare some of the little ones away! I do like the idea that you had with that crawling zombie prop that you set up vertically. I can't wait to see that in action.

I must say that after using the Jumping Spider, I just can't BELIEVE I had not incorporated scares much sooner. It was a blast even after the fact. As I mentioned in my post, I was in the vestibule running the Magic Mirror, so I couln't see the scares from the Jumping Spider, I COULD hear them though. I had fun with the Mirror playing off the Jumping Spider. A couple of times I saw a kid shoot right past the Magic Mirror and I would say, "Oh, there goes another one, it looks like that Spydro ( Yes, I named the jumping spider) got another one".

Later on, I did see the video my wife got when the spider scared a few people.

I too remember the video you posted when you got people with your security camera. THAT was awesome. I definitely have to seriously consider cameras.

At any rate I am looking forward to your night video as well as any narrative you can provide in regards to the evening's highlights.

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