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Local pickup only - Southington CT.

Davy Jones Fog Wall


Main unit, including 4 fans that sandwich the fog between 2 laminar air flows.
Power supply to drive fans.
Water tank, with plumbing to the main unit.
Ultra high output ultrasonic pond fogger, with power supply.
2 speakers.
Video projector.
DVD player with Davy Jones animation.

I built the system in 2011 and used it for 2011,2012 and 2013 halloween seasons. This was installed in a 24"x12" temporary garage and visitors had to walk thru the fog to continue thru the attraction - the fog is completely safe as it is just water vapor. The video was rear projected onto the fog.

Not sure what to ask for it, but it cost around $500 to build. The fogger alone was over $200.

PM if you are local and make an offer.
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