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Dave....we really should make another attempt to try to all get together to meet and plan some projects. Spookineer will me moving from California in June, he's gonna be just south of Greensboro. From the looks of things he seems to be the guy to know to teach animation. He is looking forward to us all getting together.

Spookzilla has a mausoleum, I would love one of those! I know everybody is busy with their families but I think it would be great fun for us guys to get together to build. No body understands our Halloween passion 365 days of the year.. I'm lucky they put up with me in my house!!lol. It would be nice to be in the company of folks who think alike when it comes to making props & such.

Like I said Ghostess down there in Florida....they started a group & are really enjoying themselves and building a lot of different projects.

Hopefully we can all get together.

1 - 3 of 32 Posts
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