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DaveintheGrave's Entry

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OK-I finally got my coffin finished. It only took me the whole month of April. I think it turned out really well, considering this is my first one. I always thought it would be neat to put a window in the top of a coffin, kind of like the old-timey ones. Here is my attempt.
I call it "Tomb with a View":

I started by making a toepincher shaped pattern out of cardboard and used that to cut the shape for my plywood bottom. I then attached several lengths of 1 X 2 wood along the edges of my bottom piece in order to give the side pieces something to attach to. The sides, head and toe panels were cut from the same sheet of plywood. I used a miter box to saw several pieces of pine moulding to use for framing the four side panels.

After screwing on all of the moulding to the side panels I then attached the four sides, the head and the toe panels to the bottom section. I used a vise to bend small "L" brackets to use between each of the panels to hold them together. I cut the lid for the coffin using the same shape, but left off the top quarter of it to make room for the frame for the window. Like on the bottom I attached several lengths of 1 X 2 wood on the underside of the lid for sturdiness. I framed the top of the lid with 1 X 2's and then screwed some sections of 1 X 3 wood over that to match the upper shape of the coffin and make a frame for the window.

After making sure it all fit properly, I dis-assembled all the pieces in order to stain and clear-coat all of the pieces. I used a Cherry colored wood stain for the sides, head, toe and lid sections. All of the trim moulding was done with a Honey Pine stain. After two coats of stain and two clear-coats everything was put back together. I cut a plexiglass piece in the shape of the window and attached it to the lid on the underside. I used two 4-inch black hinges to attache the lid to the coffin. The last major step was to trim it with cove style oak moulding all the way around.

The finishing touch was adding six brass handles (three on each side). The liner inside the coffin came with an animated skeleton I bought from K-mart after Halloween.

List of Materials:

Sheet of Plywood---------------------------------------------------------$ 16.00
"L" Brackets------------------------------------------------------------- 3.75
Wood Screws---------------------------------------------------------- 7.25
Pine Moulding (2 X 3/8 X 8ft.)---------------------------------------- 30.00
Cove Moulding (Oak)---------------------------------------------------- 8.40
Honey Pine Stain-------------------------------------------------------- 10.00
Cherry Stain---------------------------------------------------------------- 5.00
1X2X6 Wood---------------------------------------------------------------- 5.46
Brass Handles------------------------------------------------------------ 6.00
Plexiglass------------------------------------------------------------------ 3.00
1X3X6 Wood------------------------------------------------------------- 2.00
Hinges-------------------------------------------------------------------- 9.00
Coffin Liner---------------------------------------------------------------- 15.00

TOTAL ---- $120.86

I plan to use the animated skeleton with this coffin next Halloween. I had planned to build one for just that purpose. This contest got me motivated to finally do it.
Here's a couple more pics:

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Thanks a lot Muffy, scream1973, bodybagging, evilbob, hallorenescene,13Mummy, GothicPrincess, perdidoman and Frenchy for the compliments. I'm just glad I'm done building my first coffin, then if I build another one it will definitely be easier.
evilbob--My garage isn't totally uncluttered. You'll notice I didn't take pics showing the WHOLE garage.
GothicPrincess--Thanks for the compliment on the moulding. I had never used a miter box before I built my cemetery columns last year, so I've had a bit of practice. Even still, to match the angles on the coffin I had to make a few patterns out of cardboard for cutting the moulding.
13Mummy--I plan to put an animated skeleton in the coffin that I bought from K-mart during the after- Halloween sale. It lies flat until activated, then sits up and turns it's head to the left and speaks. I'll post a video of it when it's finished.

Thanks again, everybody!!

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Dave....we really should make another attempt to try to all get together to meet and plan some projects. Spookineer will me moving from California in June, he's gonna be just south of Greensboro. From the looks of things he seems to be the guy to know to teach animation. He is looking forward to us all getting together.

Spookzilla has a mausoleum, I would love one of those! I know everybody is busy with their families but I think it would be great fun for us guys to get together to build. No body understands our Halloween passion 365 days of the year.. I'm lucky they put up with me in my house!!lol. It would be nice to be in the company of folks who think alike when it comes to making props & such.

Like I said Ghostess down there in Florida....they started a group & are really enjoying themselves and building a lot of different projects.

Hopefully we can all get together.


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i think i know what skeleton from kmart you are talking about. i purchased the demo one after halloween for about $7.00. he is really cool. he would look good in your coffin. he has lights lining the coffin he is in? will you you be able to just set the whole item in lining your coffin with the lights?

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Hallorenescene--Yes, that sounds like the same one. I measured the liner that came with him before I built my coffin to make sure it would fit.
Is this the one you have?

I'm going to "creep" him up some and get rid of his silly hat and suit before I use him.
I already removed his hat so I could test how he would look in the coffin:

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Tomb with a View! I love the name. Very nice work, Dave - now you got to come up with a good corpse to live in it!

Oops! Missed your previous post - that guy's gonna look great in there.

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yes, that's the one. he was like $99.00 here pre halloween. i bought the demo after halloween, it was the only one left. they didn't know if he even worked anymore but at $7.00 i thought he would still look good if he didn't work. i got really lucky, he works great. i like what he says a lot better than what some props say.
smart move building that coffin to fit him. hey, he looks even better in the picture you are showing than in my minds eye. yes, in your display i can see where he looks much better without his hat and such, but i kind of like him the way he is. i can't wait to use him next year. don't forget to show a picture of yours finished. i would love to see your finishing results.
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