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Dave here from Fortress of Nightmares

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Hi Forum!
I have been on hauntforum for a few months now and just joined here to grow my knowledge. I am involved with a charity haunt called Fortress of Nightmares. This year, we are doing something very new to us. We have partnered with a local paranormal research group and will be conducting live ghost hunts inside the historic fort as well as operating a haunted maze inside the tunnels and casemates. It should be a terrifyingly good time!
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Wow, I never heard of real paronarmal ghost hunts in conjunction with a haunted attraction.
Yeah, neither did we, so we decided to try it out and see what happens. There isn't another attraction around that we know that does this.
Hi and welcome! :D
Welcome to the Forum!!
It's good to have another Dave in the group! :)
Hey and welcome to the forum. What paranormal research group is it and will it be televised? That would be awesome to see.
We are working with RISEUP Paranormal - it will not be televised but we will be recording each and every ghost hunt and offering guests the opportunity to purchase dvd's of their ghost hunt as a keepsake. We'll also have some teaser videos posted on our website by mid-week. they are in production as we speak. check our website for more information, especially if you're in or close to RI... we'd love to have you!
Welcome to the forum!
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