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Hi All, Happy Haunting! I finished my "Darned Zombie in the wires" last week and thought I would share my progress.
After purchasing the Hanging Zombie from Spirit it hit me on the way home from the store that I needed to find a unique placement for the creature something I hadnt seen before! What better place than over the driveway being electrocuted. Who doesnt like a Zombie getting fried on the power lines! (Note: not a real power line) And I feel I may have found another use for those Firecrackers!
Im controlling it all from a PicoBoo Plus mounted on a board under the eve of the house.
He is mounted to my neighbors tree on the other side.
Whats funny is neighbors will watch him doing his idle sequence then when they get comfortable with whats going on (No firecracker) the IR will trigger him and the popping starts which so far has caught everybody by surprise Ive had more than one duck down. Which makes me very happy!

He is high enough up we can drive our cars underneath without worrying about hitting him which would add insult to injury!

Darkness Pc game Screenshot Night Midnight

Here are the basics

Darned Zombies on the power line again!
1. Spirit Hanging Zombie
2. Black Nylon Rope
3. String 60 bright White Christmas LED lights
4. Electronic Firecracker
5. PicoBoo Plus Controller
6. Several Outlets
7. Speakers (For additional sounds beyond the built in sounds)
8. Black Wire ties
9. Outdoor IR sensor with a 120volt relay dry contacts

I ran the low voltage power wire and the trigger wire for the Zombie across the rope. I added the Christmas lights and wrapped them very close together so they just go beyond his hands so as to look as if he is getting high voltage shocks when triggered.
I also ran a wire over for the electronic firecracker and placed it into his sleeve, it actually glows when it sparks also giving the allusion he is being electrocuted.

Here is a Youtube video of the Zombie


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Very cool!

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That is waaaaaay too cool !!!!! Spirit should have a contest for the most creative way one of they're props is used - this one would be a winner !
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