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Hard to believe but this is my 20 pneumatic prop

So I wanted to connect a little bit more with some of the teens/adults so I decided to pull this from the Dark Souls video game series. This skeleton wheel is a PITA in this game. For those who do not know it is a spiked wheel with a skeleton inside who basically runs you down. The audio from both end movements is the death of your character in the game series.

I did a video on my build progress and have many other things to share this year. I build around 4 props a year and this year I made some different and cool stuff. Hope you enjoy this video and keep looking for more.

Forward reverse timed relay for motors
Timed relay
Voltage adjuster
120 to 12v 10amp converter
6 input remote wireless relay
2 motors
Sparks 2 leds
Linear slide

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