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I was reading a thread about what got everyone started on loving Halloween and Haunts, and I remembered this show. Does any one else remember it? Mid eighties I think, James Coburn was the host/narrator. I remember three episodes real well.
1. Mickey Rooney played a guy who was hired to pretend to be the uncle of a couple to get his railroad pension. catch was his legs had been severed by a train.
2. A hitman was being terrorized by an army of toy soilders, finally taken out by a misslle.
3. An anchorman who starts to get to old. Instead of replacing him they make a computer animation of him. Catch is they can't allow him to be seen growing older in off camera life so he is locked away in a highrise apartment for the rest of his life.
For the time it was made it was pretty good. Later there was alot of late night shows Tales from the Darkside,Monsters but Dark Room was a primetime show.
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