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Dark Electronic Music (witchhouse or dubstep)

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Hey all,

I am on a search for dark electronic music similar to some of the darker stuff by The Glitch Mob or Danger.

As a reference, I am looking for stuff similar to:





any suggestions?
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I can't say I'm familiar with any similar music so I'm sorry I can't be of help but... I LOVE THESE!!! I think I just gained a new fav music genre! :D
I can't say I'm familiar with any similar music so I'm sorry I can't be of help but... I LOVE THESE!!! I think I just gained a new fav music genre! :D
No worries! I recently got into music like this, so it's new to me too! Th Glitch Mob's album 'Love Death Immortality' is fantastic from beginning to end! I would recommend it!
Those are pretty interesting. First that I have heard of the 'witch house' genre, but I will have to look into it more...

Maybe you will find these of interest:

Prelude to a Nightmare has a lot of great songs that incorporate electronic elements (off of the Carpe Noctem album, especially), as does Sam Haynes.
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I have a few suggestions which may fit your haunt.

First, the last 4 tracks from "The Ring / Ring 2" soundtrack

She Never Sleeps-----------
Let The Dead Get In--------
Seven Days-------------------

Also check out Zombie Girl

Creature Of The Night------------------------------------------
The Darkness-----------------------------------------------------
The Darkness (Darker Mix by Komor Kommando)-----
Go Zombie--------------------------------------------------------
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Look up Figure's Monsters of Drumstep.
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Thank you all so much... these are great!
I'm pretty sure I have way more than these but this is just whats comes to mind at the moment:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJoskC7Ehpw (some creepy singing in russian but mostly electronic)
And my absolute favourite: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZhhdnegHSA
I once had a nightmare with that last one as the soundtrack. Although I found it in the witch house tag on tumblr so maybe you already know it anyway.
NSFW (or kids)

I know quite a bit about witch house (aka drag or haunted house), but dubstep seems to be anything and everything with a bass drop.

The main stuff is rap dropped in pitch to sound like chanting in example:
Salem - Sick

Some of it gets very noisy and may incorporate female screaming or harmonic vocals such as evidenced in:


White Ring - IxC999

Really I should have put Crystal Castles instead of UNIVERSES, but that song was playing for me and I really dig its depressed stylings.

The best person I have found that provides links to the darker stuff is iŋЅiđiŌυЅ GhŌЅ†. You might get some Coldwave in there (think Joy Division) or some post punk, but a lot of it is variations of witch house.

Witch house has somehow been declared dead and vaporwave is supposedly the new genre. Personally, I can't tell the difference except that maybe vaporwave has a little more chiptune elevator jazzy sound to it.


I'd classify this artist as grave wave, however, I'd probably get laughed at.

Same main guy.
CRAVE - young

Ready your ear cavities...canals. One of those things. Or both.
nightspace - Insecure

Some more pitch lowering.
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