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Not really sure where to post this, and unfortunately all the tickets are sold out already but I thought people would be interested in this being done anyway. I received my newsletter from Dapper Cadaver in San Fernando (LA area) announcing they were going to be the site for a private tour of their cool prop store for the Los Angeles Obscura Society at the end of the month. If I lived closer to LA would have signed up immediately. As I said unfortunately they have sold out of tickets (and they were only $9 too).

If you watched "Hot Set" on TV a little while back, one of their challenges took contestants to Dapper Cadaver. Well I've never heard of Obscura Society but they apparently go to some very cool obscure places for their trips. Something I'm sure if you live in the area might find an interesting organization to check out.

Here's what my email said of the Dapper Cadaver tour:

"Celebrate Obscura Day on Saturday, May 30, with a guided tour of Dapper Cadaver! Join Field Agent Sandi Hemmerlein and more Los Angeles Obscura Society members for a private "lights on" tour of our unique collection in its new showroom space, led by BJ Winslow. If you haven't seen the new space yet, this will be a fun way to get an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at Dapper Cadaver." The tickets were available to order thru one of those social meeting special invite sites.

For more on both, check out Dapper Cadaver's website and the Los Angeles Obscura Society's face book page.

The LA Obscura Society is part of a larger worldwide organization called Atlas Obscura. Here's a link to some of the events held around the world.
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