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We finally had a spare minute in the breakdown process of our house (which sucks, I might add) to post a quick photo of our first 3-axis ever. We were fairly happy with the final result but perhaps bit of a tad more than we could chew considering it was our first year tackling a project like this. However, after all was said and done everyone was thrilled & impressed with the results.

Things I would have done differently:

  1. The Eye - Perhaps spent the most time on this rigging then anything else. MASSIVE headache and frustration yielded decent results. Most importantly, found some great techniques which I will employ next year. Extremely happy with how we hacked the doll's eye though.
  2. Software - Make sure it works prior to your shindig starting. Thanks to the quick thinking of forum-ites, we were able to get this properly running on Halloween. No thanks to Brookshire response time.
  3. Custom Audio - Simply ran out of time to produce anything.

As we catch up on work and life I will post some more photos and video of him in action. Thanks again for everyone's advice and special thanks to CaptnJackSparrow for all his help and dedication to the craft of spookineering.

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