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Ok, I was wondering if anyone would like to do some voice work for a Halloween display I am doing? The scene: A giant Pumpkin King scarecrow, surrounded by 5 Squashling minions with Three small jack O' Lanterns holding carving tools. In front of them are Five severed Human heads with candles in their mouths becoming Human Jack O' Lanterns. The Pumpkin King has returned to get revenge on Humankind for Carving his Pumpkin children.

A different take on Pumpkin carving.

I have 5 to 6 custom poems written for this scene, that will be narrated by another Pumpkin scarecrow. I really want something for this guy besides my voice. I have done alot of my own stuff for other props and used Audacity to change to my tastes, but I would really like something nobody here has heard before. I am looking for a Male voice that can sound Mean, Epic, like a mad Pumpkin King. I have the Poems written and scripted out as to how their meaning should be. If anyone would like to do this, for fun, please PM me and I can send you the Poem scripts.

Thank you in advance for any possible takers.

P.S. your work will be seen at The Great Lakes Fright Fest and our annual Halloween camping set up this season, and will become a new staple display in my Yard Haunt.

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Just because there are no responses in the thread itself, that does not mean that no one is interested, texaslucky;)
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