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why spend all tha tmoney on the movie replicas, consdiering its probably for a halloween costume anyway!

when you can purchase a custom made mask, from a horror halloween enthusiasts such as yourself.

i have hand made masks from almost all the movies. although my friend bouight some before i took pictures, i will have to make more.

i can also do any design you wish. diffrent color war paint, diffrent symbols...cuts burns, colors...w/e you want out of a friday the 13th mask, i can do it....as long as you give me some kind of idea to play with.

send me a message if your intrested at all...maybe we can set something up.

depending on how much detail is invovled....the masks can be done in 2-3 days.

pictures are of what i have right now, if yoou want somehting else, let me kno.

i was selling them for around 20-30 dpending...but have since decided to drop the price to 10 dollars. after rmemebering how much i wanted them when iw as younger, and had no money haha, so heres to all you ppl out there, that want somehting damn good...and damn cheap.
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