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Ebay auction is at;

I built this for a customer who due to unforeseen events can no longer take delivery of it and has asked me to list it for about half of what he had paid.

I have posted a few videos of it up YouTube under PremierHaunrProps. Hopefully you can click on the following links;


I spent many months building this and can attest you won’t find anything that can compare to its level of quality or realism. Some of the specifics of the prop include;
- It has (2) 15,000 volt fully enclosed Jacob’s Ladders which cycle repeatedly with a flick of the switch on the separate control stand. The neon transformers are made by Franceformer, wiring by Sumitomo, and solid oak base and upper components are all used for their quality.
- The EFXTEK controller and sound boards are located at control stand and upon activation, sequence the victim’s movements and sounds automatically and in sync. The movements are never the same. This is accomplished by means off a random number generation program which provides the variety of victim’s gyrations.
- There is also a 100 watt, 5 channel amplifier located at the control stand which amplifies the sound card audio and is wired to the speakers located behind the victim on chair’s back board.
- The smoke is generated by a fog machine mounted under the seat which is plumbed to flow through the upper halogen light sockets, stainless flex lines, lower mounted skulls, and head gear.
- The upper halogen lights are activated by a sound sensitive controller which pulses the light’s intensity in sync with level of sound picked up by the internal microphone.
- The chair itself is made mostly from pressure treated lumber and is strained dark maple.
- There are many other features and attributes about the prop which include a CNC machined universal joint for multi-directional movement, fog machine fill extention, and the hand painted Death Studios mask to name a few that make this prop a one of a kind that will last for years.

If you are interested and would like to know more, I invite you to contact me directly. My email address can be found in the linked Youtube postings (not allowed in Ebay listing). Send me your question/s and I will reply promptlly.

Shipping is not offered as part of the auction due to the size, weight, and variety of costs associated. It is currentlly crated up and the original buyer was going to have me ship it to Texas using a standard trucking service. If interested in having it shipped, then send me a question with your zip code and we can get you an estimate.

Bid with confidence, check out my feedback and review my 100% feedback rating.
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