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Custom Costumes!

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I'm destined to take my family on a surprise trip to Disneyland for my birthday, which is quickly creeping up on me (May 5th, eep!). I've already made $260 out of $600. I need to get just two more custom costume orders to reach my goal.


I've been making custom costumes for six years. Most of the costumes I make go to schools, hospitals, performers, and private clients. Although most of the costumes in the link I'm about to post are slightly 'cartoon' styled, I can do semi-realistic costumes as well. I have experience using taxidermy eyes in my costumes as well for added realism. If anyone wants one hell of a custom werewolf (or any other type of big furry creature) costume, please take a look at my offer.

Click here for costume specs!

Even if you're not interested, please pass this on to someone who may be.
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