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I'm selling my custom 3-axis movement mechanism:

The mechanism is 4" at its widest point, and about 7" tall including the pan mechanism. Of course, that's the measurements when it's upright -- you can see from the video that you'll need some additional clearance around it as it moves.

It ended up being too big for my use, and I'd love to see it go to a good home. As a result, I'm selling it at below-cost, so that I can reinvest the money into a smaller version that will better fit my requirements. The mechanism is very capable -- I simply didn't account for how small the inside of my target head really was.

The mechanism is made mostly out of 4.5mm laser-cut black acrylic. The 0.5" hollow tubing shafts are resting on some nice bearings, which makes the entire mechanism quite smooth. The tilt and roll are both geared at a 2.5 to 1 ratio, and pan is geared at 2 to 1 ratio, which makes the mechanism much stronger than the servos driving it. It has about 40 degrees in each direction, assuming you have the proper setup to drive the servos their full 180 degrees. The entire mechanism weighs probably a few pounds (though I've not weighed it) due to the bearings. The three HS-311 servos are included. The threaded rod adapter is not included (unless you want to pay a few bucks for the part.)

I have $155 sunk into it at this point. If someone wants to give me $150 for it I'll ship it within the continental United States.

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