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His name is Roger Clyne
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They're much cheaper than the ones with vodka in them & thought some here would like this info especially when the liquor filled bottles are $50+. I just got the email yesterday from Saveology & had no clue this was available.

Saveology is another one of those savings sites like Woot! or Groupon or whatever. You join & get the daily email. The deals last longer than on Woot! & it's a variety of stuff. They occasionally have GID stones cheaply too. I've bought a few things from them, mostly cheap Oral B brush heads & a few beauty products.

http://www.saveology.crowdsavings.c...tive&utm_campaign=National Blast - 06/14/2014

So I did a bit of googling & found out that Saveology may be the best place for my Oral B brush heads, it's not the best place for Crystal Skull vodka decanters.

Also available here but this is just a result I got from Google, no idea if they're reputable or where they're located:

Amazon has them too which is where I'd buy them if I were in the market for them.

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