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Cross posting; Avoiding the hassle

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There have been several incidents of cross posting recently, (posting the same info in multiple forums). Duplicate posts found in multiple forums will be deleted. It's not to be taken personally so if you do it and find one of your posts deleted, it's simply because it is also posted somewhere else. Please take a second to check the content of the post and make sure you place it in the correct forum. It helps keep the board a bit more organized. This is outlined in the board rules

Forum Rules

We do not ask much of our members and pretty much allow anything. We do not ask for much.

We do require the following:

Your posts must be legal and not break any laws.
No personal attacks or insults are tolerated.
No abuse of this forum of any kind.
Each post should have a purpose. This is not a chat room. Each post should have content value.
No profanity or derivatives of profanity. Do not cuss. Discussions should be appropriate for ages 13+.
Be respectful of the site and members at all times.
Use common sense.
No cross-posting. Post one subject only once.
No forum spamming.
Do not hot-link(steal) graphics from a site that is not yours unless it is PhotoBucket or another site which serves that purpose..
Remember that this is a Halloween and Horror forum and should be treated as such.
You may not type in all or mostly CAPS as it is considered rude.
You may not promote another forum or community. You may promote other related sites as long as it's primary feature is not a forum or community.
You must be honest. Do not lie or knowingly make fraudulent statements.
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