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Creepypasta at Halloween

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Howdy forum Haunters!! I was wondering if anyone on this site has done any creepypasta type props for their Halloween themes. My teenage son and his friends all would like the creepypasta characters as a prop at our Halloween yard haunt on base housing. I have found that the kiddos now a days don't like the classic monsters as much (sad because I love the classic monsters;)) I told them I would l look on here to see if someone had anything. I told them it can't be too gory though as we have a lot of very young TOTs on this base.

I tried doing a search on this site but didn't find anything. Any help or ideas are appreciated as I'm completely new at making things for Halloween. I have always been one to buy the stuff and just set it out, but last year I started making a few things like cauldrons and a scarecrow and found that I had a blast doing it. While I'm not ready to build moving props (completely non-mechanical minded :p) I would not mind trying to make a static one just not sure where to start.

So, if anyone on this site has already dabbled in the creepypasta realm I would love to see what you have done because the creativity on here is amazing!!!!

Thanks again for any help or ideas!!
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I think someone on here has done Slenderman which is probably the most well known.

He would be pretty easy to do I think. Google him.

He might be a tad controversial though because those young girls (12ish I think) tried to murder their friend for him...

I still think he's cool though and so will the kids probably.
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My kids really like creepypasta. I would suggest looking up creepypasta "cosplays" via google/youtube maybe? Just went to Phoenix Comicon and there were lots of Slenderman cosplays, Jeff the Killer, etc.
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Isn't there some kind of pirate thing that's big on creepypasta? Is it Candle Cove? ...
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Thanks for the replies. I didn't realize there were so many different creepypastas. I had never heard of them until this year. The kids around here seem to really like Five Nights at Freddy's which is apparently like some kind of a haunted Chucky Cheese animatronic. AudreynAsherMom, thanks I'll check into Candle Cove. A pirate might be easier to make for a newbie prop maker lol.
Candle Cove is a good one

There is also a lot of like 'the lost Mickey Mouse (or Bart Simpson or Spongebob) reel' where the premise is 'someone finds a lost version of Mickey/Bart/video game Zelda or whatever and then it describes a really really creepy episode where everything is demented and 'not right'. You might be able to do something with that too.
Thanks for the ideas Stochey! I looked up the Smile thing and it looks like a creepy dog. I had thought about making a Zero dog this year....but this might be what I go with. The older kids would love it I think. Such a dilemma since most of the kids that come by are young elementary kids and they were scared so easily here this past Halloween. I had made our place more cutesy with just a little scare and I felt like I had the most evil place on base housing lol.
creepypasta theme would be awesome to do
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Ooh, I was thinking of doing creepypasta/internet horror this year, but it turns out I'm probably not going to be at home. Gonna keep an eye on this thread though.

I saw Five Nights At Freddy's mentioned, there's a lot of people cosplaying the robots lately and a quick google search brought up some neat tutorials that might be inspiring. The Rake is a good one too, it's pretty simple looking so you could probably make one pretty easily. I'd maybe stay away from Jeff the Killer (which I think is kind of a take off of smile.jpg) though, I know a lot of people have a pretty severe phobia of him. Course that might what you're going for!
Thanks thumpingmoonlight! The kids here seem to think the animatronics from the Five Nights at Freddy's and the smiling dog thing is the 'coolest' lol. I'm not going to do the Slenderman thing because it seems some kids went a little whacko thinking it was real. A static prop of the Foxy character and the smile dog thing seems to be the project this summer that me and my son will try to do. (I'll also be busy trying to do old fashioned witches myself since that is what us old people like lol) I'm just surprised I haven't seen any of these kinds of props on here. If I'm wrong please point me to the thread because I couldn't find anything in the search.

I did find a few examples of people dressing up but I was hoping to find a prop. Guess I'll have to wing it lol. Anyways, once I start I will post under the props to get people's opinions and for help if I get stuck. I think I will use PVC for the frame, spray paint it with metallic paint to look like metal underneath through the tears of the fabric, and then I guess paper clay or monster mud stuff for the head??? Any ideas welcome!!!
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I may be the 'someone' who did Slenderman. He's new for 2015, he's pretty well know. The story of the deranged girls attempted murder is sad, but it's not at all reflective of the character and I don;t associate the two. Didn't the Son of Sam serial killer claim his dog told him to do what he did? I don;t associate dogs with with that right?
Some pictures;
Sculpture Art Metal
Suit Tuxedo Formal wear Gentleman Facial hair
Sculpture Horn Fictional character Art Statue
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Wow Doctor Grim that looks very spooky!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!
what the heck is creepypasta I have seen slinderman but the rest allude me
It's spooky characters from stories on the internet that the younger generation is into nowadays. They have original characters like the Slenderman and other characters from video games that people have made up scary stories to that have become very popular. Mostly the younger teens and tweens seem to really like them. I have found for this age group they think these characters are far more scary then oldies like werewolves, vampires, Frankenstein, etc. We are attempting a Tails Doll and Foxy from Five Nights at Freddy's this summer.
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