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So I'm pretty new to the forum...but I've been making things for a while. This year I had a few wants that I decided to work on. This was my inspiration
Room Digital compositing Pc game Fictional character Fiction

I guess it comes from The Ring. So I set about looking for a tv to work with it.I was lucky and a neighbor had two that were already gutted. I paid $5 for both. Furniture Table Chair Stool Wood
Automotive exterior Bumper Vehicle Floor Car

The back & mechanics
Pipe Floor

I used a piece of plexiglass for the new front...then dressed her
White Outerwear Sleeve Jacket Top

Final bits with hair & hands and a head, and lights...can't forget the lights. I can't use a stobe where I'm putting her, but I like the weird colors on the light I did find. Darkness Room Black hair Fictional character
Floor Room Technology Flooring Electronic device
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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