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Creepy Oversized Hands

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Hey, this is my first tutorial...so forgive me if the pictures don't show up...if they don't I will fix them eventually!


This is a tutorial on making really big bony, or knobbly hands! We are using ours to make a banshee, but really they could be used for anything!

*3 metal coat hangers
*Something to cut said coat hangers
*expanding spray foam
*A "chunk" of that foam everybody uses for tombstones
*paint (and various paint supplies :D )

Step 1. (...this is where I find out how long uploading photos takes...)

What you need to do is cut the coat hangers to the lengths you want for your fingers, keep in mind you need one shorter for a thumb...or no thumb...whichever you prefer. Also keep in mind you want a couple extra inches that will be used to stick into the "palm" so it should not be covered with the spray foam
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(...I'm glad I figured out the pictures :D )

Step 2.

This next step is simple, and can possibly be messy if you don't have good control...so I recommend rubber gloves!

You are going to straighten out your coat hangers and on spray the foam on to them to make the fingers...be as conservative or liberal as you like!

I recommend putting down something like duct tape over top of your surface, and then putting a layer of petroleum jelly because this stuff is an adhesive and will be stick if you don't!
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Notice the bare wire at the end...also this is the first time I've done this so this set was a little messy, I did the other hand today and it turned out MUCH better...Ill post the pair on Wed when I finish painting everything!

Step 3.

This is a touchy step, and no pictures...sorry

What you need to do is let the foam sit for about two hours, then throw on some rubber gloves and pull the fingers off the surface. Since the foam is still soft, but not supper gooey on the outside you can take this time to bend and shape the fingers before it gets too hard. you can also pinch the seems where it was flat so the the finger is round and not a round top with a flat bottom.

Step 4.

Okay, so more pictures! (they seem to be going faster now!)

This step is where you make your hand. Make sure that your fingers are dry enough to be sort of "man handled" they don't need to be 100% dry, but it couldn't hurt.

I recommend taking a left over piece of coat hanger and making pilot holes first so that you can just slide your fingers in.

Now make sure you have something to prop the hand up so the fingers keep their shape

Here is the hand before foam
View attachment 3904

And now this is after the foam is applied, you can do it as thick or thin as you like, I made sure to add knuckles and veins on the back, we ended up painting them more of a red colour to stand out. I think they turned out REALLY cool!

You need to let the top dry COMPLETELY before flipping it over

This is the hand AFTER the foam
View attachment 3905

Step 4.


Now this is our finished hand, I JUST put the bottom foam on the other hand but don't have time to paint tomorrow so I will finish it on Wed and show the pair together!
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I would love to get some feedback good and bad! anything I could change to make them better for next time!

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Shadow box dancer
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Wow I wish I would have thought of this. I carved fingers out of wood and then threaded them on copper wire so iI could bend them for my witch stirring a cauldron prop. But all I would have had to do was spray some great stuff spray foam. Great idea, they look cool.

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I wish I would have taken pics of my latest venture into creepy hands.

What I did was basically use some of the same tools however I did use one other ingredient to help me form the hands into the shapes I needed.

I have a band saw so this was pretty simple. I took pipe insulation (you can use any kind) and cut it into quarters length wise. Cut it in half then cut the half in half. This should give you four equal (or pretty equal strips) Then cut to the length or a bit shorter than the hanger fingers.

Then skewer the pipe insulation you just cut on to the hanger wire fingers. This will give you some meat to play with. Then you can use small zip ties to make the segments of each finger is you like or string or whatever you desire.

Now you can place the hanger ends into the foam and then form the fingers in a more frightening way. Then you can hold the hand upright somewhere so they won't stick to anything and use the spray foam to add depth to the fingers and hand.

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i love this idea for making huge monster hands, lots of possabilities here as others have said.
i saw a great way to make the fingernails from some where (dont remember who to credit it to ) but cut fingernail shapes from the plastic milk jugs and glue to the finger tips. you can even cut them jagged on the tips as if they are broken nails.
i think im going to make one of these giant hands to hold a zombie baby as if its being craddled in the huge hand :D
make it in the shape of the chairs from the 70's i think when they had the fad and sit a baby in it. (wish i had one of those chairs!)
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