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Typical Ghoul Next Door
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Really like the crazy hair and the creeeeeepy long fingers.

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PsychoClown in his rightful place above the front entrance.

Note he shares the same tentacled skeletal hands as the reaper sentinels. The impression I'm trying to convey is that one of the reaper sentinels has morphed into something they consider friendly and welcoming - i.e., a waving clown - blissfully unaware that the clown exudes an even more menacing aura.

It speaks to the living dead having self-awareness issues, a metaphor for the post-industrial societal zeitgeist in the context of an encroaching neo-tech wave of dystopian consciousness.

That or it's just a scary clown.

Property Building House Architecture Home

House Tree Home Screenshot Mansion

The Big Kahuna of Fright
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I like how you connect the. Lien to the sentinels. We try to do that with our props as well. Continuity adds to the effect, I think.

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Thanks, all of you, for the nice comments.

Continuity adds to the effect, I think.
After doing this for about 15 years, and progressively figuring out what works well, I completely agree with the notion of continuity. The other thing I believe is important for props is "purpose". If one can effectively combine both purpose and continuity, the display goes from being just a collection of props to something more concerted and, ultimately, nefarious and frightening.

On either side of my driveway, the outermost prop is beckoning people to come closer. These are daytime shots, so the props are clearer.

The left side is basically an homage to Pumpkinrot, set in a crop field.

Luxury vehicle Car Vehicle Sidewalk Tree

The right side is a cemetery.

Iron Tree Metal Fence Plant

Both guys have a beckoning finger.

As you move in deeper, things get a little more "dangerous" and surreal.

Left side:

Tree Outerwear Grass Costume Fictional character

Sculpture Outerwear Art Statue Tree

Sculpture Tree Statue Plant Art
In front of the scarecrow are what remain of two skellies, tied up on tall stakes.

Right side:

Yard Tree Garden Grass Lawn
The four guys in the pic are animatronics triggered by a motion sensor.

Backyard Property Yard Lawn Garden
The tombstones that are furthest back are almost floating and dreamlike. The little girl...I hope she doesn't turn around.

House Tree Home Screenshot Mansion
This second sentinel "selects" you. The one next to the front door seems really excited that you've come even closer.

To the notion of purpose, you'll notice the spiders above aren't just randomly placed, but actually following each other across the railing, down the column, across the porch ceiling, and down the left side of the door to the doorbell. Moreover, the rats to the right also seem to be of a singular mind.

Yard Plant Landscaping Backyard Landscape

It culminates in a FCG in the garage, which I openly admit is purely for the purposes of eye candy.

Property House Building Architecture Home

On Halloween night itself, I have the Atmosfear FX projection of zombies pawing at the bay window to the right. Those are presumably the poor souls, who got too close, trying to escape.

The custom soundtrack I have blaring is horrific. I'm almost of a view it's a little over-the-top.

But, that's ok. One night a year.

Somehow, I still have to give out tons of candy. Brave TOTers.
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