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This year's theme is a nuclear accident site. Last weekend we (mostly) finished the toxic waste barrel (storage barrel, Great Stuff over green christmas lights & spray paint).

We wanted to incorporate some 'mystery mutants' with tentacles and such. So today we were messing around with the Great Stuff and I dragged up a branch that fell from one of my trees in the backyard and started covering it, thinking it might make a good 'giant claw/tentacle/hand'. My boyfriend had a great technique with the Great Stuff... kind of a back and forth coverage that gave it a reptilian look... With some green spray paint, it really came together... We'll probably add some 'claws' and have it coming out of my dog's old wire crate, with a fogger inside, maybe covered with some creepy cloth and "danger" signs.

It's a little weird, but is a good effect.

We've also got a small set that will be hanging out of the dog's travel crate :)
Pretty cheap props... sticks and Great Stuff! :p I hope they will (like most props) look a lot better at night with creepy lighting.

If anyone has ideas for other stuff that might fit with the theme, I'd love to hear them! We have a 'busted reactor' made from an old stainless steel trash can and spray painted cardboard box base, plus lots of warning signs. I'm trying to figure out a way to work in the signature "smoke stacks" you see at a nuclear plant... :confused:

Sigh.. lots to do...
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