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Creepy Dingy Curtains

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I just finished my Halloween Curtains today. I was lucky enough that my mom had some extra white sheets that I could have when I visited my parents this weekend, so everything was free!

All I did was hang the curtains and made various tears and cuts. Afterwards I filled a bucket with water and added just a little bit of white and black acrylic paint until I got the shade of grey that I wanted. Then I dipped the sheets in, getting the stains where I wanted them and allowed that to dry before I did it a second time. Once that was dry I took some black spray paint and lightly painted along the torn edges of the curtain. After hanging them up with some creepy cloth from last year, it looked great!

I put the curtains up to see how they looked, but they've been taken down now. This was a very easy project and I spent absolutely no money on it! No sewing either! :p Very cool, especially for the effect it gives.

Here are the pics:

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i like these, job well done...i may have to borrow this idea for our curtains. might be able to find some heavier ones for our lounge to still give us a bit of privacy.
Very nice! Yours turned out much better than the ones I tried to make last year using Martha Stewarts directions. :(
Nice! How long did that take you?
Oh nice I love them great job.
Those look fabulous!!! Great job. In my line of work we've tea dyed fabrics to age them. Has anyone done that here? I'm sure they have.

Btw, I just might steal your idea! And adding the dark spray paint on the edges, brilliant!

Nice job, they look really creepy, love the idea.
ok, so lksmart inspired me.

on the way home Friday, my neighbor was having a garage sale - so after my great potion bottle finds at good will on lunch Friday, I figure, my good luck may still be with me, so I whip it into the garage sale to scavenge.

Lo and behold, in a bag, is a heap of material, and a paper sign on the outside says "Patio drapes $3" They are old and a yellowish tan (smoke stain I think) but VERY heavy - were probably very expensive drapes back in the day!

I get them for $1.50! I buy Rit Dye $2.50 in black and last night I dyed them (have the black fingernails today to prove it! LOL). They came out more pale - how I actually wanted them. I cut them in half before I dyed them, so I have two equal lenght drapes now. Tonight I plan to rip them in places, then wash them againg to help fray the rips and bring them to more of a gray color. After that, I'll spray paint the edge of the rips in black, like ya'll suggested.

So, for $3.50 I have 2 spooky drapes!! :D

I'll take pics when I'm all done and post!
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They look fantastic. I was thinking of just hanging creepy cloth, which would work, but i like your idea and the look better.
thanks for the comments guys... the curtains only took me about an hour or so to make. Another good hint: most curtains have a lapped seam and you can just cut the edge of that seam and slip the curtain rod through it...

Thanks again guys! glad u like them!
I made a set of these curtains from an old lace pair I had . I did this yesterday and it didn't take very long at all. About 2 hours from start to finish. Inclulding dryer time to set the color and time to make the cuts. I used tea and some strongly brewed coffee to color them. While they was still damp I added a few drops of food coloring and wet the drops of color with a spray jug, it made the color drips run so they didn't look like dots. I can't wait to hang them! Fast and easy project when made from old curtains.
those look very creepy! i'm doing a witch theme and i need some creepy,cheap curtains! thanks for the post!
They really do the trick to make the "creepy old feel" to a room. The more dingy you can make the the better. I even added a little food coloring to the water to darken them a bit more.
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