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Creepy Carnival Party 2015

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Well it was a bit of a last minute dash to set up outside as it was STILL RAINING in the UK on the morning of the party! Luckily at lunchtime it stopped and gave us just enough time to get the outside finished:) Will probably be last one this year:(, as my Daughter and her friends are at college next year, and there is only a handful of my friends who get into it, hardly had any trick or treaters came so just think it will be a lot of hard work when you don't even know if people will come(it has taken us two days to clear up) We have had some great parties over the years, but think I will now take early retirement:(! Here's some pics and a quick video of outside, hope you all had a great Halloween:)

Clown Performing arts Joker Fictional character Illustration
Food Party favor Pink Sweetness Confectionery
Clown Performing arts Supervillain Theatrical property Fictional character

Yellow Illustration
Elephant Elephants and Mammoths Pink Purple Indian elephant
Art Street art Illustration Visual arts Fictional character

Pink Purple Room Visual arts Fictional character
Gerbil Muridae Rodent Rat Muroidea
Pink Room Textile Visual arts Art

Pink Fashion Event Flesh Art
Light Games
Fictional character

Window Font Signage Building Advertising
Party supply Party Hat
Costume Event Clown Fun Party

Zombie Costume Flesh Fictional character
Vegetarian food Tradition Cuisine Food Costume

Clown Costume Mime artist Scarecrow Performing arts
Purple Costume Outerwear Formal wear Room
Pink Street art Facade Art Graffiti
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Sharon, your carnival looks like so much fun!! Love all the bright colors and the animal heads are outstanding. I cohost our Halloween party with my daughter too every year. She came back from college this year (she's a senior) and got together with her friends from high school (the same ones who always came to our parties) and they had such a great time being together again. The point I'm trying to make is don't write off your party days yet, my friend, your daughter may surprise you.
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Love Love this! Your ticket taker movement is GREAT!!! Nice job :)
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Everything looks awesome! I love your clock in particular! It sure looks like you guys went out with a bang if this will be your last party - certainly one to remember! Great job and thanks for sharing!
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I love it. Looks like equal parts cute and creepy! The rat in the popcorn is my favorite.
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Thanks for the compliments:) We did have a great time and lots of fun, but you know when you get that feeling that interest is wavering a bit... that's where I think we are at, and they been talking about going on a scream factory walk next year that they haven't had the courage to go on before but we will see:eek: Glad you had a great party this year :)
ah thank you:) clock was just made from cardboard boxes! how did your party go?
thanks dawnski! the rat did look creepy in the dark! how did your Halloween go?:)
What a great looking set up you had and love that people were in carnival wear. I remember the beginnings of your paper mache elephant. Really impressed with how all those animals turned out. Love how the popcorn machine with the rat turned out too.

Well if this ends up being a last halloween party, have to say you went out in great style. Sounds like you guys might have a fun time hitting the scream factory haunt next year. Going as a group is usually a lot of fun.
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I love the bright colors and your lettering is awesome! Looks like everyone was having fun!
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