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Creepy Art II: Progression

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Hey, gang.

A number of you requested seeing some progression photos from my "Creepy Art You Can Do" thread, so here's the one I've done for this year.
I had a piece of masonite, 22 X 22, that I sawed and roughed up the edges with using a hammer until I had removed an inch or two all the way around.
I used a brush with lots of gesso to create the texture I wanted, in this case diagonal lines like the rays of the setting sun or wind, whatever you wanna see it as.
I painted that orange, sketched the design, painted the black, then the yellow highlights.
The frame was just another piece of masonite, also about 22 X 22 inches. I primed the outer edges with gesso, painted that orange, laid down Dermacoat Crackle medium and when it was tacky to the touch (about 20 minutes), I slathered on black.
The two pieces were joined with woodglue and will get some mounting brackets to hang it.

Now I know some people say "I couldn't do that" and yes, this piece is more complex than the gothic house from last year, but you could do simple images, like cats, owls, windows in a tower, whatever, using the same process.

I hope you enjoy this and might be willing to give something like this a try.
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Did you hand draw the shadows? That is just way too cool!
Si-cotik, yeah, I hand drew and painted the piece, but like I said, much simpler designs or even stencils would work with this technique, so don't think that you can't do this if you can't draw or paint freehand.

I appreciate the compliments, from you and DeathTouch both.
I just found this one again. I remember asking if they were handdrawn because I was hoping they were done by stencil and I could get the stencil from you. My handdrawing isn't so good.

But anyways!!! I still love it. Have you done anymore since?
Wow that is soooooo amazing. I would for sure keep that peice of art hung up all year round!
I LOVE this one, maybe even more than the creepy mansion on the hill!

Thanks for inspiring me. :) This may have to be a project for Halloween 2010. :)
Beautiful work. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.
Another fantastic piece Spats! I remember your first one with the mansion it's still in my to do folder :) And now this one will be there too!
Thanks, gang.

I'm glad you like them. Every artist has an intended audience, and for these, it was always you guys... well, and the wife.
that turned out very nice. boy did the pumpkins give a nice touch. so what kind of a grade did you end up with
that is fantastic work. I love it.
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