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Hi Guys!! Would anybody out there happen to have a (HIGH QUALITY) soundtrack to "CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON (AND OTHER JUNGLE PICTURES)" Cd they could share with me? I would be forever grateful. I JUST LOVE UNIVERSAL MONSTERS!! Please & Thank You!! ;-) :D :eek:


Track Listing:

1. Fanfare / A Cannibal Carnival (by David Snell / Sol Levy)
2. In The Woodland (by Herbert Stothart)
3. Tarzan Montage (by David Snell)
4. End Title (by Daniele Amfitheatrof)
5. New End Cast (by Herbert Stothart)
6. My Tender One (by William Axt)
7. Main Title (by Herman Stein)
8. Prologue (by Herman Stein)
9. The Webbed Hand (by Herman Stein)
10. The Diver (by Henry Mancini)
11. Marine Life (by Henry Mancini)
12. Almost Caught (by Hans Salter)
13.Digger's Failure (by Henry Mancini)
14. Unknown River (by Henry Mancini)
15. Tale Of The Mermaid (by Robert Emmett Dolan)
16. Salvage Of The Lady Luck (by Milton Rosen)
17. Duke's Little Helper (by Henry Mancini)
18. Kay And The Monster, Part 1 (by Herman Stein)
19. Kay And The Monster, Part 2 (by Herman Stein)
20. Tony Visits Port Royale, Part 1 (by Herman Stein)
21. Brad Rescuses Tony, Part 2 (by Milton Rosen)
22. Henry's Trap (by Milton Rosen)
23. Clay Meets A Badman (by Milton Rosen)
24. That Hand Again (by Herman Stein)
25. Monster Caught (by Henry Mancini)
26. Minyora's Plan (by Henry Mancini)
27. Monster Gets Mark, Part 1 (by Henry Mancini)
28. Monster Gets Mark, Part 2 (by Henry Mancini)
29. End Title (by Hans Salter)
30. End Cast (by Herman Stein)
31. Main Title
32. Truth Serum
33. Shocker, Part 2
34. Dark Memories
35. The Swamp
36. Cobalt Bomb
37. His Mother
38. Shocker, Part 1
39. Get That Gator
40. Alligator Head
41. Paul's Death, Part 1
42. Paul's Death, Part 2
43. The End
44. Alligator Piano
45. Unknown River (alternate) (by Henry Mancini)
46. Main Title
47. His Mother
48. Alligator Head
49. Paul's Death, Part 2
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