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Creative ideas for these junk?

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I have gotten a hold of a few unique items that I am going to use in building something for my outside displays. In addition, I have quite a collection of string led lights and a lot of tools. Any suggestions that doesn't cost a lot?

Waste Litter Pollution Soil

Water Tree Drink Glass

Grass Tree Plant Soil Geological phenomenon

Tree Soil Plant Rock

Soil Aerial photography
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Im sure you'll get more, but to start.
I see caged mummy skeletons (papermache with cheese cloth or single ply paper towels)
stacked barrels for columns, or cut in half to have glowing embers (orange light strings and foam spray insulation) inside -that would make for easy storage too
check pinterest and youtube as well as older threads here for more technical how to.
looks like a great start to decorating
one man's junk is another's treasure..
I really think you won't have to do much at all to create a scene. Dirty and rust up the barrels and paint some hazard signs on them. Use them as a backdrop with the skeleton pieces in the crates in the foreground. Use a green/red fire and ice light and voila for the price of the light and some paint you are done. For a little extra $'s use some expanding foam on the barrels and paint your favorite toxic colour.
If you've got barrels and you've got bodies, then you've got Return of the Living Dead!

Action figure Fictional character Darkness Ghost Supervillain
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Lights, cages, free wood, barrels...

I could see a mad scientist getup with that stuff.
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