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Creating Mausoleum Pepper's Ghost effect using 3 axis skull

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So, I've always wanted to do a Pepper's ghost effect but don't want to do projection as I like the more realistic look you get with projecting real objects (ala animatronic ghosts in the Haunted Mansion). With that said, it seems to me the effect would be difficult to pull off outside using the traditional method like this because you would have a hard time hiding the animatronic "ghost".
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However, my understanding is that when the effect was first used, it was basically "upside down" from what you usually see today and used two pieces of glass like this.
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To me this, would wok great in a cemetery setting as you could hide the ghost in the front bottom portion of, say a coffin, and still create a good effect. Has anyone ever tried this effect with two pieces of glass? What are the limitations? Thanks in advance.
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Hiding it inside a coffin should make a really cool effect. I assume that your ghost would be above the head of the coffin?
Savage... yeah, that's exactly idea. Hide the animatronic head in the bottom portion of the coffin and have its image reflect off the two panes of glass. The issue will be securing the top pane of glass without making it visible.
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Hiding the glass outdoors would definitely be the tricky part. Your best bet would be to have it in the darkest part of your yard with maybe some accent lighting and as far away from your "audience" as possible.
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