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(If this is in the wrong place, my apologies!)

So I wanted to try my hand at making a werewolf skin rug, and so I bought a taxidermy form for a bear. But then I decided it would be much more fun if I could wear the werewolf skin! And thus the wearable werewolf project was born.

While searching for inspiration on how to set about making this thing, I discovered this werewolf shrug created by an artist named Magpieb0nes on DeviantArt. Taking this idea but making it less animal mascot-like and more menacing, I did these sloppy sketches.

Line art Drawing Sketch Arm Organism

I'm going for a combination of an animal skin headdress and hoodie.

So here's what I started with, a grizzly bear rug shell (with a silly face drawn on it).

Sculpture Stone carving Art

Head Snout Canidae

With a saw and a dremel tool, I went about modifying the form to fit onto my head, as well as giving it more canine features. The nose is completely removed and will be re-sculpted. Foam dust EVERYWHERE. I wore a respirator and I still got some up my nose.

White Sculpture Tree Rock Stone carving

Head Sculpture Snout Statue Art

Sculpture Stone carving Carving Art Artifact

Fitting the glass eyes. I'm using taxidermy lion eyes.

Head Nose Canidae Snout Sporting Group

I'm home alone at the moment, so getting it to fit right consisted of taking a lot of selfies during the carving.

Clothing Head Hat Ceiling Headgear

Hopefully I'll look less like Goofy when it has teeth. ;)

Tomorrow I hope to start sculpting to build up the features. Stay tuned!

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Had a full afternoon of sculpting. I used Super Sculpy to build up the features, and then baked it with a hair dryer.

Setting the eyes and sculpting the eyelids...

Nose Dog Canidae Head Snout

For the nose, I stuck in some armature wire, and then crumpled a bit of tin foil around it before adding the clay.

Food Cuisine Dish

Head Snout Furniture Wood Art

Nose Snout Canidae Dog Head

Nose Head Sculpture Art Mouth

Added some snarly wrinkles.

Nose Head Snout Art Sporting Group

Sculpture Head Nose Snout Art

Nose Head Snout Canidae Dog

Baking with a hair dryer did take quite a bit, but it seems pretty hardened. Later it will be all sealed for more sturdiness.

Next step will be sculpting the teeth. Won't be happening tonight, I need to rest my back after all that!

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Had a few hours today to start on the teeth. The armature wire is glued in with super glue. Sculpting the teeth out of Super Sculpy, baking them with a hairdryer as I go and then lightly sanding them.

Using a coyote skull as reference for tooth placement and shape.

Companion dog Dress

Food Cuisine Dish


Face Nose Head Snout Mouth

I'm hoping to remove more foam from the inside to further decrease weight if I can, but so far it's not too heavy.

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The last two days have been productive...

Adding teeth...

Jaw Sculpture Carving Art Wood


Sculpture Nose Art Carving Stone carving


Food Cuisine Dish

To make the ears I first sandwiched armature wire between two pieces of thin craft foam with high temp hot glue. I them attached them to the head and shaped them until I was happy.

Leaf Automotive exterior

I then built them up with more layers of thin craft foam to make them more rigid and give them dimension.

Dog Canidae Nose Snout Dog breed

Head Nose Snout Domestic pig Fish

Domestic pig

Then came the painting. I decided to paint the entire head black just to help keep it together until I can seal it with epoxy resin.

Snout Head Canidae Dog breed Working animal

The teeth are really not this white. They're washed out in this pic.

Tooth Jaw Mouth Fish Organ

His ears are crooked. OH WELL. I tried.

Snout Head Sculpture Canidae Art

Canidae Dog Dog breed Snout Sporting Group

My fur swatches from Mendels came!

Canidae Dog Dog breed Snout Head

Next up is sealing. Then I will create a pattern from which I can fur the head.

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Lovely work, Hagstone! I am absolutely stoked to see the end result. I like your use of the taxidermy gear. I also never thought to blow dry Sculpey. Do you have a preference for it over air dry clay, or was it just something you already had sitting around? Also, I noticed you're from Madison. I am from Huntsville. Will you be participating in any of the costume contests around town? You absolutely should. A lot of places shell out a nice little chunk of cash. Your costume would blow most of the participants out of the water!

Edit: Even your artwork is fantastic! I just checked out your website! :D
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