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Crea-Stone - Might enjoy this stuff

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I was going through the art departments catalog at the school in which i work, and came across this stuff called Crea-Stone. here is a description taken from the site in which i found it. I'm not sure if I can post the site, since its not an official vendor, but a simple google search of Crea-Stone will yield a lot of results:

Crea-Stone is textured material for casting and carving. Just add water, mix, and cast in cartons to form blocks for carving. When first cast, Crea-Stone blocks are easy to carve, like soap. Aged three to four months, it becomes as hard as stone, yet about four times lighter.

Smooth Crea-Stone with sandpaper or steel wool. This material is chip-resistant. Crea-Stone doesn't shrink or expand, and it is waterproof and fireproof.

Naturally colored and non-organic, Crea-Stone can be painted with a brush or spray. It's also suitable for use with direct wire modeling or sand, clay, and wax casting.

I'm thinking this stuff would be a perfect alternative to foam tombstones. and it is fairly cheap, in the catalog its listed as 59.39 for a 25 pound bag. doesnt sound to shabby?

*EDIT* Online 25 pounds of this stuff is being sold for 40 bucks.. sounds like an even better deal! anyways if anyone has ever tried this stuff please let me know im interested in tombstone making now lol... Five pounds of dry Crea-Ston makes one gallon of casting material
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Big Nick,

If you get some of that stuff, could you let us know how it goes? I want to do a graveyward this year, but the idea of foam boards just doesnt appeal to me. I know how I am, and ill forget to store them properly, and they'll get ruined for sure lol.

This stuff sounds like a pretty decent alternative. I wonder if lowes would carry something like this..

@ growler - do you remember what it was you got from lowes? I dont believe i have a blicks near me, and after paying for shipping and such... anyways, let me know :) thanks
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