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CrazyBonez dog ideas

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I just picked up a CrazyBonez dog today (now my third) and think since they have so many different versions I was wondering how everyone was planning on using theirs in your haunt displays. Thought we could share ideas since the dogs are so plentiful now.

When I did my haunted hotel theme, I had a lenticular photo that I think came from DT. It was of a man and his dog, so that became my inspiration. I used the vintage lenticular photo as the proprietor of an old hotel, now haunted by his spirit and dog (who now is a skeleton too, unlike the lenticular).

Today the animated movie "All Dogs Go to Heaven" came to mind. Might make a nice tie in if you are doing a kids party. Anyone thought of adding wings to their CB dogs for a cemetery setting?
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Ah, sounds like you got your Sasha ! Sasha made my third dog as well ( technically I have four but two are the same dog) I've been thinking since I picked her up how I was going to use them. I tend to just do the same old boring thing with them, nothing clever. I want to be clever ! I would love to hear other peoples ideas. I'm so paranoid about my props getting stolen , I'm leery about the pups staying outside unattended. I guess I need to get over it...
Crazy Bonez, I love that indoor shot. That is what I want to do with mine. I'm going to use that for inspiration. Do you have any more pics?
Ordered another dog , the cute beagle from GR. 19.00 plus free shipping...I'm a sucker.
Wow, thanks for posting this. I just ordered one for myself!
We already have one of the bigger dogs. Here's how we used him last year ("a boy and his dog"):
Glad you got a beagle too, it was too good a deal for me to pass up even though I don't really need him, I've had my eye on him all season.
I love your boy and dog display. I have a zombie baby I never use but he isn't really right for this, now I wish I had a different one. I could just use a little skelly I suppose but not quite the same effect.
Skelly215, go call GR and ask for a price adjustment on the dog , he is now 13.30 + free shipping ! My mom decided to order one this morning but she had an email saying an extra 30% off halloween, so when you go through that email and put him in your cart he goes down to the 13.30 price, she ordered him at that price but I just got off the phone and the gave me the new lower price with no problem...hey it's 5.70 , thats a big deal to me.

anyone else, there are several items with the extra 30 % and free ship.
GoS, that Tara skelly is 90.30 plus free ship, not quite as good as 50% off but I can't remember if the 50% including free shipping??? if not then its probably just as good a deal. I think Tara is who you asked about...or someone did lol
Thanks Disembodied for the info. For whatever reason I can't seem to get the GR email newsletters (we think it has to do with my settings or cookies but can't figure it out) and so don't have the email access to their non-website sales. Right now the small dogs are listed at 19.00 on GR and there's sitewide free shipping.

Didn't check out Tara since I just picked up project stuff from Hobby Lobby and funds are low til payday. BTW I thought either Walgreens or CVS had a beagle this year. I thought the other one of the two carried the dachshund as their small dog. I have two of the bulldogs from the first year and now a Sasha (plus a bunch of other CB critters). The beagle is cute though and tempting.

Update: checked photos in the store threads and CVS had beagle bonez (reg 29.99) this year.
Yeah, you have to access the site through the email and it automatically adds the code to give you the extra 30% off , so it ends up being 30% off the 19.00 + free shipping. 13.30 total, and the Tara was 90.30 total. I know what you mean about no funds, I have to stop. I'm tempted by a few other things on GR but I'm not doing it, I've stopped...I think. Thats weird about the GR emails especially if you buy things, if you decide you want something I can send you the email, or someone will find and post the code I'm sure.
Dang you, there goes my already depleted bank balance! Wound up buying four dogs and a rat....
Which dogs did you get ? all Beagles or some of the others? Sorry about your bank account, mine has been decimated.
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