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CrazyBonez dog ideas

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I just picked up a CrazyBonez dog today (now my third) and think since they have so many different versions I was wondering how everyone was planning on using theirs in your haunt displays. Thought we could share ideas since the dogs are so plentiful now.

When I did my haunted hotel theme, I had a lenticular photo that I think came from DT. It was of a man and his dog, so that became my inspiration. I used the vintage lenticular photo as the proprietor of an old hotel, now haunted by his spirit and dog (who now is a skeleton too, unlike the lenticular).

Today the animated movie "All Dogs Go to Heaven" came to mind. Might make a nice tie in if you are doing a kids party. Anyone thought of adding wings to their CB dogs for a cemetery setting?
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Picked Sasha (CrazyBonez "Bruiser") up this a.m. and just love her. I personally wouldn't put my dogs/animals out unattended. For the same reason as you mentioned. When I used my cat and dog last year I took a coated somewhat thick wire and anchored/tethered them down to things nearby so they couldn't just "walkoff" easily. That was so if we both went in the house for some reason on Halloween night for a short break we had a little bit of insurance they'd still be there. It is so sad to need to think this way but I have read police blotter reports during the holidays of people's decorations being taken in our area. This year I may set up a Bunkerhill driveway alert system to "announce" people to our yard. I only set up on Halloween so a shorter time to protect them from Dog Nappers.
Dinobuzz, Skelly215 is correct and I can add that the large dog is "tagged" Bruiser by CrazyBonez. Bought him from Kmart on sale a few weeks ago. However since I liked the name Sasha better though, decided that's what mine will be called. Sex change or not, she's a great dog prop. She's still listed on Kmart's site but maybe sold out now since she went on sale. Looked that way for my zip code anyway.
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Thanks Disembodied for the info. For whatever reason I can't seem to get the GR email newsletters (we think it has to do with my settings or cookies but can't figure it out) and so don't have the email access to their non-website sales. Right now the small dogs are listed at 19.00 on GR and there's sitewide free shipping.

Didn't check out Tara since I just picked up project stuff from Hobby Lobby and funds are low til payday. BTW I thought either Walgreens or CVS had a beagle this year. I thought the other one of the two carried the dachshund as their small dog. I have two of the bulldogs from the first year and now a Sasha (plus a bunch of other CB critters). The beagle is cute though and tempting.

Update: checked photos in the store threads and CVS had beagle bonez (reg 29.99) this year.
Like the use of zip ties on the porch Skeletoncrew. Did something like that last year but with some heavy coated wire. The zips blend in nicely with your porch color. What did you do for the tree photo?
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