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CrazyBonez dog ideas

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I just picked up a CrazyBonez dog today (now my third) and think since they have so many different versions I was wondering how everyone was planning on using theirs in your haunt displays. Thought we could share ideas since the dogs are so plentiful now.

When I did my haunted hotel theme, I had a lenticular photo that I think came from DT. It was of a man and his dog, so that became my inspiration. I used the vintage lenticular photo as the proprietor of an old hotel, now haunted by his spirit and dog (who now is a skeleton too, unlike the lenticular).

Today the animated movie "All Dogs Go to Heaven" came to mind. Might make a nice tie in if you are doing a kids party. Anyone thought of adding wings to their CB dogs for a cemetery setting?
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Ordered another dog , the cute beagle from GR. 19.00 plus free shipping...I'm a sucker.
Wow, thanks for posting this. I just ordered one for myself!
We already have one of the bigger dogs. Here's how we used him last year ("a boy and his dog"):


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If you don't mind me asking, where did you get the larger skelly dog on the left? LOVE him!
Pretty sure that's Sasha from Grandin Road:
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I'm also trying to figure out how to have skeleton dogs unearthing a human skeleton from the dirt.
Use one of the half-skeletons (waist up) - less to bury
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