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So much FUN!!!!

Your poses and possible captions that pop into my mind!
Then suddenly I became sad. I began to miss my "Cheetah Woman" display here. She is still here but not displayed like she once was.
I hid her very well above a drop-ceiling in a normal looking bedroom.
I would say:"Have you ever been in bed with someone before and realized that "they" don't consider "You" to be any more than just a piece of MEAT?"
The people would be standing in the bedroom, I am in the doorway ,I would them pull the old steel pipe, that used be feeding a radiator on the next floor up,it would open the ceiling panels one down,next to one opening up,turning off the normal lighting ,turning on Cheetah Woman's; glowing red eyes with a growling sound track.
Her pose was sitting, with both legs off to one side ( a store mannequin pose) she had on a skimpy outfit made of leopard material,a head piece with leopard ears sewn in, fangs,long finger nails and of course a long "cat" tail.
I would let go of the control pipe and everything would snap -back into place,as if it had never happened ! Lights back"On"
As I sit at this keyboard I am in her old room... blah!
1 - 20 of 173 Posts
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