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Crank Ghost ....Please help!!!

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Hello, I am wanting to add a Crank Ghost to my mausoleum this year. I'm looking to buy a complete one or the motor setup to make my own. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Josh
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I bought a very well made FCG rig from a forum member - Pugsly - many years back. It was a bit over $120, but I only have to hang it up, attach the ghost, and plug it in and never think about it again... Pugsly's work is pretty top notch. He hasn't been super active on here that I've seen, but he might check his PMs and you can see if he's still making them:


Otherwise, there is bound to be someone else on here that can make one for you or at least give you a better lead than this one. :)
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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