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I decided "Death of a puppet Master" to be this years theme. As such I need a lot of marionettes. (Some animated, some static)
Now I've used the crank arm system to animate marionettes before, but not on this scale.


A friend gave me a vintage clown costume this year and I thunk it the perfect starting point.
Room Headgear Costume Plant

I fashioned some feet to be held in place with the elasticated cuffs.
Hardwood Footwear Wood Wood flooring Floor

Plugged a set of latex gloves with a plywood disk and stapled the elasticated cuff to it and the gloves. (I'll probably staple the ankles too)
Hand Finger Glove Nail Wing

The main form is just a head and set of shoulders cut out of 2" wood to act as a coat hanger for the clown costume.

The foam face originally belonged to one of those hands/head and cheese cloth hanging props that only survived 1 Halloween.
I simply Zip Tied it to my form.
Blue Plant Art

The crank arm system is pretty much the same as the ghost. I used pulleys to reduce friction since we are dealing with more weight.
I also added a rope/pulley at the back of the stroke (pulls the entire clown backwards) This adds a little counter weight when the motor is lifting both hands and one foot.
Iron Table Furniture Metal

And here it is in action.

View My Video

Your all familiar with the rig, hopefully I inspired you to mix it up.
Good luck and happy Halloween!
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